HD Steth

The Intelligent Solution for Cardiac Care™

Available outside US and EU


HD Steth is an Intelligent Stethoscope with an integrated EKG enabling accurate and instant cardiac diagnosis. For the first time it is possible to concurrently detect ischemic, electrical, structural and mechanical heart functions. HD Steth transforms the way medicine is practiced at the point-of-care through real-time visualization of cardiac waveforms on a mobile app. Patient data can be shared with a specialist via the cloud for instant remote diagnosis and second opinion.

  • Smart Amplification and Noise Cancellation
  • Simultaneous Analysis of Heart Sounds and EKG
  • Aids Detection of Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Ischemic cardiac abnormalities
  • Patented Algorithms combined with visual alerts for Enhanced Diagnosis

  • Chest electrodes for vector leads
  • Real-time Bluetooth transmission of EKG to smart device
  • Enables early detection of cardiac problems
  • Improves diagnostic accuracy at point of care
  • Compact and portable form factor expands spread of cardiac testing

Mobile Cardiac Monitoring

  • Crystal clear heart sounds through best-in-class audio of HD Steth
  • Ability to record from either HD Steth or App
  • Analyse individual panes of recorded waveforms for granular details
  • Amplification of EKG and Heart Sounds on the fly
  • Patented algorithms and visual alerts to enhance diagnosis


The future of cardiac care. Available 2017.

Connected, Continuous & Collaborative Care

  • First Smart Stethoscope with EKG functionality
  • Proprietary Integrated Health Technology Platform

Introducing the World’s first Smart Stethoscope

HD Steth™ Innovations:

  • Integrated EKG functionality
  • iPhone or Android compatible
  • Bi-directional Bluetooth connectivity to the App and cloud
  • Records hundreds of patient waveforms
  • Supports evidence-based practice at the point of care
  • Enables real-time collaboration among medical providers

Plus Traditional Upgrades:

  • Best in class auscultation
  • Excellent audio clarity – 30x amplification
  • Familiar form factor
  • Integrates seamlessly into clinical workflows

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