Saving Lives

Through Early Diagnosis

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Intelligent Stethoscope with Integrated ECG

HD Steth is FDA Cleared

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Hear the latest about HD Steth from Dr. Setty, CMO of HD Medical, Inc.

Familiar Stethoscope Look and Feel

Visualize Heart Sounds with the
HD Steth App

The Cardiovascular Disease Challenge


Global Killer


Million Global Deaths Annually


Billion Global Cost Projected


Trillion Cost to America Projected


Die Each Day in USA

The Solution: HD Steth

Early, Accurate and Real-time Detection of CVD

For medical professionals, HD Steth leverages the power of AI and integrated ECG to deliver instant cardiac insights at the point-of-care.

  • FDA Cleared
  • Digital Stethoscope with PCG and ECG in a Single Device
  • Patented Noise Cancellation and Smart Amplification
  • High Fidelity Auscultation
  • Real-time Visualization of Cardiac Waveforms
  • Displayed on a Mobile App
  • Collaborate with Specialists
  • For Remote Diagnosis and Expert Opinion
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What Experts Say

“HD Steth has applied digital science to produce superior auscultatory experience with suppression of extraneous noise for true fidelity of heart transient and coupled this technology with an ECG. As an academic cardiologist, I am assured that new observations of fundamental importance will emerge from this exciting technology.”
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Dr. Nelson B. Schiller, MD, FACC, FRCPProfessor of Medicine & Anesthesia,
University of California,
San Francisco

Dr. Nelson B. Schiller, MD, FACC, FRCP
“HD Steth is transforming the way medicine is practiced at the point of care setting by enhancing the patient experience, saving time and costs while improving outcomes.”
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Dr. Douglas Johnston, MDThoracic and Cardiovascular
Surgery, Cleveland Clinic

Dr. Douglas Johnston, MD
“HD Steth makes it simple to tag my high risk pediatric patients and screen for murmurs quickly and accurately at the point-of-care enhancing treatment. It moves the point of care from my office to…anywhere” Read More
Dr. Thomas Krummel, MD, FACS/FAAPProfessor of Surgery and Co-Director
Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign

Dr. Thomas Krummel, MD, FACS/FAAP
“The quality and intensity of heart sounds are phenomenal on HD Steth and it delivers the most impressive sound quality advancements in my last 40 years of stethoscope use. It is truly a giant leap forward in technology.” Read More
Dr. Ethiraj Raj, MDCardiovascular Disease Specialist
Flint, Michigan

Dr. Ethiraj Raj, MD


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