About HD Medical

HD Medical is a global leader in the detection and management of cardio vascular disease (CVD). We are dedicated to enabling evidence-based patient diagnosis and treatment decisions to be made at the point-of-care instantaneously to improve outcomes and save lives.

Management Team

Arvind Thiagarajan

Founder & CEO

Prasad Bal

VP Partnerships & Product Management

Kevin Chen


Kristi Furrer

VP Marketing & PR
Dr. Rosemary Ku

Rosemary Ku

Chief Medical Officer

Sairam Janardhanan

Director, India Operations

Venkat Raman

VP Engineering & Operations 

Board of Directors

Arvind Thiagarajan


Asha Nayak

Former Chief Medical Officer Intel

Vic Mahadevan

Board Member

Shailendra Mahajan

MD (Board Observer)

Advisory Board Members

Dr. Nelson Schiller

Nelson Schiller

MD, FACC, FRCP Professor of Medicine & Anesthesia, University of California, San Francisco
Dr Douglas Johnston

Douglas Johnston

Thoracic and Cardiovascular 
Surgery, Cleveland Clinic

Thomas Krummel

Professor of Co-Director Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign Stanford Medicine

Investors & Mentors

Steve Killelea

Chairman of Integrated Research

Young Jin Kim

Chairman & CEO of Handok Pharma

Suk Jin Kim

Investor & Handok Pharma

Arjun Malhotra

Co-Founder of HCL & Headstrong