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The ViScope software lets medical professionals display and save real-time patient heart sounds from the ViScope for more comprehensive analysis and generation of patient reports. Once waveforms are transferred to a laptop, multiple options are activated for analysis including caliper and zoom visualization functionalities. And, of importance, this captured patient heart data is available for patients’ medical records. Additionally, medical professionals can share patient data with colleagues for consultations, with students for auscultation education, and with insurance companies for billing purposes.

ViScope Features:

  • Easy to use with an integrated visual display
  • Real-time visualization of multiple waveforms
  • High fidelity sound with real-time digital filtering
  • Captured data is transferred to a laptop for review and calibration
  • FDA approved

ViScope Benefits:

  • Superior auscultation with substantiating evidence of heart anomalies
  • Instantaneous identification of heart sounds for early detection of cardiac anomalies
  • Ideal for auscultation in noisy locations
  • Saves, analyzes and shares patient data
  • Available worldwide