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ViScope MD


ViScope MD has an unique embedded algorithm that enalbes clinicians to quickly screen for heart anomalies and murmurs. It is a compact visual stethoscope displaying patients’ heart beats in real-time phonocardiogram (PCG) waveforms. Viscope MD has a tunable filter giving you the ability to select specific parts of the heart sound to listen to, such as S1/S2, S3/S4 murmurs, etc. Additionally, ViScope MD supports external amplification for discussion such as in teaching or consulting situations. This stethoscope visually augments examinations for more rapid and accurate heart screenings with documentation to improve triage of patients for the next level of care.

ViScope MD Features:

  • Easy to use with an integrated visual display
  • Real-time display of multiple waveforms with alerts
  • High fidelity sound with real-time digital filtering
  • Captured data is transferred to a laptop for review and calibration
  • Rapid detection of cardiac anomalies at the point-of-care

ViScope MD Benefits:

  • Superior auscultation that provides validation of heart anomalies
  • Quick evidence-based identification of heart anomalies with the World's Murmur-Signal Wave display (MUR)
  • Enables auscultation in noisy locations
  • Saves, analyzes and shares patient data with specialist and insurance
  • Enhanced patient care, reduced cost burden