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HD Steth
Contain costs & reduce liability

HD Steth

HD Steth is an intelligent stethoscope with an integrated ECG, which delivers accurate and 

instant cardiac insights:

  • Patented noise cancellation & smart amplification for high fidelity auscultation

  • Real-time visualization of cardiac waveforms on a mobile app

  • Specialist collaboration on patient data shared via the cloud platform for remote diagnosis and second opinion

HD Steth Features

HD Steth
  • Integrated ECG leads
HD Steth - Stethoscope
  • Familiar Stethoscope form factor
HD Steth App
  • BLE Mobile App displays PCG & ECG waveforms on any smart device
Volume & Gain Control
  • Smart amplification & noise cancellation for crystal clear heart sounds
  • Compliance with Government approved CPT codes
  • Cloud-enabled storage for sharing patient cardiac data​

HD Steth Benefits

  • Saves time, costs and enhances the patient experience
  • Instantaneous evidence-based detection at the point-of-care
  • Eliminates wires, gels and conductive pads
  • Simple to learn and easy to use
  • Enables superior auscultation even in noisy environments
  • Allows real-time collaboration with remote specialists & Tele-medicine organizations

HD Steth App

HD Steth App
  • Available for Android smart devices (iOS coming soon)
  • Free download from the App Store
  • High fidelity sounds are shown as real-time waveforms on any smart device
  • Bi-directional communications between HD Steth and App
Tracking Patient's Serial Study
  • Records waveforms and patient data which can be easily:
    a.Transferred to cloud
    b. Sent to a specialist for Tele-medicine consultation
Auscultation Report
  • Record, save, review, replay, share, generate & save reports
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