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HD Steth
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HD Steth

HD Steth is an intelligent stethoscope with an integrated ECG, which delivers accurate and instant cardiac insights. HD Steth leverages its patented noise cancellation and smart amplification for high fidelity auscultation. HD Steth enables real-time visualization of cardiac waveforms on a mobile app. Patient data can be saved and shared with a specialist via the cloud platform for remote diagnosis and second opinion.

HD Steth Features

HD Steth
  • Integrated ECG leads
HD Steth - Stethoscope
  • Familiar Stethoscope form factor
HD Steth App
  • BLE Mobile App displays PCG & ECG waveforms on any smart device
Volume & Gain Control
  • Smart amplification & noise cancellation for crystal clear heart sounds
  • Compliance with Government approved CPT codes
  • Cloud-enabled storage for sharing patient cardiac data​

HD Steth Benefits

  • Saves time, costs and enhances the patient experience
  • Instantaneous evidence-based detection at the point-of-care
  • Eliminates wires, gels and conductive pads
  • Simple to learn and easy to use
  • Enables superior auscultation even in noisy environments
  • Allows real-time collaboration with remote specialists & Tele-medicine organizations

HD Steth App

HD Steth App
  • Available for Android smart devices (iOS coming soon)
  • Free download from the App Store
  • High fidelity sounds are shown as real-time waveforms on any smart device
  • Bi-directional communications between HD Steth and App
Tracking Patient's Serial Study
  • Records waveforms and patient data which can be easily:
    a.Transferred to cloud
    b. Sent to a specialist for Tele-medicine consultation
Auscultation Report
  • Record, save, review, replay, share, generate & save reports
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