HD Steth Offers Next-Gen Smart Stethoscope with Integrated EKG

See HD Medical at Arab Health Stand H1.B34 – US Pavilion
1/29/18 to 2/1/18
Dubai World Trade Centre Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAE – January 29, 2018– At Arab Health, HD Medical Inc. will debut and demonstrate HD Steth™ a next generation Smart Stethoscope featuring an integrated EKG for instant and accurate cardiac diagnosis. For the first time it is possible to simultaneously capture and visualize heart sounds and EKG waveforms for detecting structural, electrical, mechanical and ischemic cardiac abnormalities.

HD Steth transforms the way medicine is practiced at the point of care with real-time Bluetooth transmission of cardiac waveforms to a smart phone or tablet. Patient data can be transmitted via the cloud to cardiologists or other specialists for diagnosis which can then be utilized to prescribe optimum treatment. Patient data can also be captured and shared with other doctors, insurance companies and electronic medical record (EMR) systems. HD Steth enhances the accuracy of diagnosis, quality of care, saves precious time and improves outcomes, thereby delivering the Gold Standard in Cardiac Care™.

“HD Steth uniquely performs Mobile Cardiac Monitoring™ ideal for medical applications including Triage, Screening and Monitoring, Digital and Home Health, among others, both in emerging and developed markets” said Arvind Thiagarajan, Founder and CEO of HD Medical. “To enable these applications and serve these markets, we are actively building our distribution channels for HD Steth worldwide as we receive tremendous market response.”

HD Steth is currently available outside the U.S., with US FDA certification anticipated by early Q3 2018. HD Medical is presently recruiting distributors and seeking strategic partnerships globally. Please visit https://hdmedicalgroup.com/meeting-registration/ to request a meeting.

Care for and monitoring of cardiac diseases is a major challenge for the health community. Currently thirty eight percent (38%) of deaths worldwide are attributable to cardiac disease and the associated cost of cardiac disease management is exceeding $1T per year. Exasperating the situation, the ratio of population to specialists is in the range of 10,000 to 1 creating challenges in making critical clinical decisions during the “golden hour” of a cardiac event.

Additionally, according to Dr. Nelson B. Schiller, MD, FACC, FRCP “Standardized auscultation tests given to medical students and fellows have found auscultation is either not taught well enough or students have difficulty learning it. Results show that only 30% of medical students tested are able to detect typical heart sounds and murmurs versus the internal medicine residents getting up to 40%, while Fellows reach into the 50 -60% range.” In addition, according to Dr. Paul Rosen in his recent HealthcareSuccess.com blog “At the medical school at Stanford University, 35 percent of graduating students are forgoing residency training and taking jobs in start-ups instead. The cultures they see outside of health systems resonate more with their values.” Also, according to Rosen “in the area of patient safety, over 400,000 deaths in hospitals are due to medical errors each year, making medical errors the 3rd leading cause of death in the Unites States.”

These challenges are being overcome with recent advances in medical imaging along with increased computational power and the advent of mobility, wireless and other technologies. This now allows patients to be treated and monitored more precisely and effectively and in ways that better meet their individual needs.

HD Medical’s latest auscultation technologies come at a perfect inflection point as healthcare is shifting and focusing on wellness and prevention rather than treating patients after an incident.

Sunnyvale-based HD Medical Inc. and Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. of San Jose today announced that Maxim has made an $800,000 strategic investment in HD Medical, in the form of a convertible promissory note intended to convert into HD Medical’s next preferred equity round of financing. The majority of Maxim’s investment will be dedicated to HD Medical’s new product development of its visual stethoscope technology utilizing a low power Maxim chipset for the advancement of digital health.

HD Medical develops the ViScope® visual stethoscope product family. These unique visual stethoscopes provide “dynamic auscultation™”, the ability to see what one hears for a more accurate diagnosis. ViScope’s integrated visual display shows heart waveforms in real-time, making it a perfect device for patient screening, teaching, home health, telemedicine and other digital health applications. In this medical application, Maxim is leveraging its sensor and ultra-low-power integrated circuit technologies. Through Maxim Ventures, the company applies its product portfolio and system knowledge to build companies that extend up the data-flow value chain into equipment, systems, software, and services.

“We are excited by the growth and vision we’ve seen from HD Medical’s team,” said Mr. Shailendra Mahajan, Managing Director of Maxim Ventures. “We believe that the product roadmap directly corresponds with the healthcare professional’s needs and also opens up opportunities in tele-medicine and home healthcare markets. Our goal is to ensure both our companies significantly contribute to the advancement of digital health,” said Mr. Chris Neil, SVP of Maxim and Head of Maxim Ventures.

“With Maxim’s impressive investor confidence, HD Medical is well poised for future growth and investment,” stated Mr. Arvind Thiagarajan, Founder & CEO of HD Medical, Inc. “This agreement will accelerate as well as enhance our new product development and position us to ramp our revenues.”

About Maxim Ventures Maxim Ventures, the venture arm of Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. (“Maxim”), invests in new businesses that are “beyond the chip.” We leverage Maxim’s enabling sensor and integrated circuit technologies and use that know-how as the basis to build companies that extend up the data-flow value chain into equipment, systems, software and services. Visit us at http://www.maximventures.com.

About HD Medical, Inc.

HD Medical, Inc. is a medical device innovator based in California, USA with Offices in Sydney, Australia and Research Labs in Chennai, India. Since 2005 the company has designed and developed medical products for use in screening and early detection of cardiac conditions. The company markets its innovations to medical professionals, large medical institutions and channel partners through operations in the USA and Asia Pacific. HD Medical’s patented technologies and products offer a paradigm shift in clinical diagnostics. Coming from a tradition of helping to promote personal and community health, through exceptional healthcare diagnostic products and solutions, HD Medical, Inc. is committed to delivering “Higher Dimensions in Digital Health”.

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Note to editors: ViScope is a registered trademark and Dynamic Auscultation is a trademark of HD Medical, Inc. All other

– New ViScope Telemedicine Software will be Showcased – 

Chicago, IL – April 13, 2015 – At HiMSS 15, HD Medical, Inc. demonstrates the new ViScope® visual stethoscope product family. These unique visual stethoscopes provide “dynamic auscultation™”, the ability to see what you hear. ViScope’s integrated visual display shows heart waveforms in real-time making it a perfect device for patient screening, teaching and telemedicine. HD Medical will showcase the new ViScope Telemedicine Software at the show this week. ViScope records patient heart anomalies so medical professionals can share with colleagues, students, insurance companies and electronic medical records.

The ViScope visual display is complemented by high fidelity sound quality and amplification up to 30 times louder than a traditional scope for unmatched clarity. HD Medical has invested over a decade refining its proprietary noise reduction technology.

ViScope also records patient heart sounds for 10 seconds capturing the first heart sounds, often the most telling for healthcare professionals. The scope’s heart sound recordings can be transferred to a PC configured with the ViScope bundled software to access a tunable filter that provides the ability to select specific parts of the heart sound to listen to, such as S1/S2, S3/S4, etc. ViScope’s value as a screening tool for early detection of cardiac defects has been validated through multiple clinical trials.

ViScope product family includes:

  • ViScope entry level visual stethoscope for sales in the U.S. and Europe. It is FDA approved and CE certified
  • ViScope MD visual stethoscope with murmur detection for sales and distributors outside the U.S.
  • ViScope ECG 3-lead visual stethoscope which interprets the type of murmur for sales and distributors outside the U.S.

“HD Medical’s visual stethoscopes are uniquely capable of addressing today’s evidence based medical environment,” states Arvind Thiagarajan, Chairman and Chief Inventor for HD Medical. “ViScope is the industry’s first stethoscope to enable documentation of heart data which can be used for patient reporting and analysis as well as information sharing, teaching situations and telemedicine applications.”

ViScope has been awarded the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510 (K) clearance and is CE compliant. ViScope is sold from the website and through HD Medical’s network of resellers in the USA.

– Groundbreaking Stethoscope Employs Patented Murmur Detection Algorithm –

Dubai, UAE – January 19, 2015 – At Arab Health, Stand Z4E17, HD Medical Inc. is demonstrating its groundbreaking visual stethoscope ViScope MD™ featuring the world’s first murmur detection indicator.  This revolutionary stethoscope offers a unique integrated visual display that lets medical professionals perform dynamic auscultation™ and “see” the heart beats they hear in real-time visual waveforms.  ViScope® and ViScope MD are the first stethoscopes to enable documentation of heart data with the bundled software which can be used for patient reporting and analysis as well as information sharing or for use in teaching situations.

ViScope MD displays heart waveforms for quick and accurate identification of various heart conditions and offers a murmur indicator for rapid diagnosis.  Careful auscultation of heart murmurs is an extremely valuable tool in the diagnosis of many cardiac conditions.  The timing of a murmur is critical to accurate diagnosis.  HD Medical has refined and improved their proprietary IP knowledgebase of heart sounds and algorithms to accurately identify murmurs and other body sounds.  With knowledge of the cardiovascular conditions that cause murmurs, patients can receive better treatment and this will also reduce the cost of healthcare.

“HD Medical’s ViScope MD is uniquely capable of determining the presence of a murmur during early screening,” states Muthu Krishnan, Senior Vice President of Business Development for HD Medical. “This capability ensures patients can receive early intervention for heart problems.”  ViScope MD with murmur detection is certified for CE compliance and sold from the website and through HD Medical’s network of resellers.