About HD Medical

HD Medical is a global leader in the detection and management of cardio vascular disease (CVD). We are dedicated to enabling evidence-based patient diagnosis and treatment decisions to be made at the point-of-care instantaneously to improve outcomes and save lives.

Management Team

Arvind Thiagarajan

Founder & CEO

Venkat Raman

Chief of Engineering & SVP of Manufacturing Operations

Kristi Furrer

VP Marketing & PR

Ganesh Kumar B R​

General Manager – R & D

Alok Himanshu

National Sales Manager

Board of Directors

Arvind Thiagarajan

Founder & CEO

Arjun Malhotra

Board Member

Vic Mahadevan

Board Member

Shailendra Mahajan

MD (Board Observer)

Advisory Board Members

Nelson Schiller

MD, FACC, FRCP Professor of Medicine & Anesthesia, University of California, San Francisco

Douglas Johnston

Thoracic and Cardiovascular 
Surgery, Cleveland Clinic

Thomas Krummel

Professor of Co-Director Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign Stanford Medicine

Investors & Mentors

Steve Killelea

Chairman of Integrated Research

Young Jin Kim

Chairman & CEO of Handok Pharma

Suk Jin Kim

Investor & Handok Pharma

Asha Nayak

Former Chief Medical Officer Intel