ViScope Visual Stethoscope Software

The ViScope Visual Stethoscope software lets the user display and save real-time patient heart sounds from the ViScope device for more comprehensive analyzing and generation of patient reports. Once waveforms are transferred to a laptop multiple options are all activated for analysis including caliper and zoom visualization functionalities. The caliper makes time duration measurements of heart sound signals while the zoom magnifies a waveform along the horizontal for closer observation of heart sound patterns.

System Requirements

  • Recommended operating system – Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
  • RAM Requirements – Minimum 1GB Hard disk Space – 10GB
  • Hard disk Space – 100MB

Click on image of screen captures to enlarge.

Calipers enable the measuring of a split


measure-s3sound Visualization and measuring of the S3 sound
timing-s4sound-604x446 Timing of the S4 sound
visualizing-mvpVisualizing the MVP Waveform
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