ViScope MD

ViScope MD is a compact stethoscope with an integrated high resolution phonocardiogram (PCG) visual display featuring the world’s first murmur indicator. ViScope MD has a unique embedded algorithm that enables clinicians to quickly screen for heart anomalies and murmurs. The scope has a tunable filter giving you the ability to select specific parts of the heart sound to listen to, such as S1/S2, S3/S4 murmurs, etc. Additionally ViScope MD supports an external amplifier for observation and discussion such as in teaching or consulting situations. ViScope MD visually augments patient examinations for more rapid and accurate patient screenings with documentation to improve triage of patients for the next level of diagnostic care.

Available Outside the US


Key Features:

  • Patented signal processing technology delivers “best-in-class” stethoscope functionality that ensures you can hear all that you need to
  • Digitized sound assures you are not limited by your hearing with the ability to amplify for optimum audibility
  • Integrated visual display of the PCG enables Dynamic Auscultation™ – seeing what you hear
  • World’s first Murmur-Signal Wave display (MUR) helps you screen for murmurs
  • World first integrated heart anomaly indicator aids in detecting heart abnormalities with high sensitivity and specificity
  • Storage for up to four 10 second patient waveforms for documentation
  • Interfaces to a PC through the ViScope MD Software which allows you to capture, document and archive patient records

What Doctors Are Saying…

“I’ve been using the ViScope Visual Stethoscope intensely for about a year now and I don’t use anything else in auscultation. Having access to on-demand real-time digitized heart sounds as you listen has improved my own skills and teaching… ”


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