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HD Steth

Available outside the US & EU

HD Steth is an intelligent stethoscope with an integrated EKG enabling accurate and instantaneous cardiac diagnosis. HD Steth transforms the way medicine is practiced at the point-of-care real-time visualization of cardiac waveforms on a mobile app. Patient data can be shared with a specialist via the cloud for instant remote diagnosis and second opinion.



Available in the US and ROW

The ViScope is a compact electronic stethoscope combining a high resolution visual display with traditional auscultation. For the first time medical professionals are able to perform dynamic auscultation and “see” the heart beats they hear in real-time visual waveforms that are presented in the format of the classical phonocardiogram. Superior auscultation with visualization creates a superior clinical diagnostic environment.


ViScope MD

Available Outside the US

ViScope MD is a compact stethoscope with an integrated high resolution phonocardiogram (PCG) visual display featuring the world’s first murmur indicator. ViScope MD has a unique embedded algorithm that enables clinicians to quickly screen for heart anomalies and murmurs. The scope has a tunable filter giving you the ability to select specific parts of the heart sound to listen to, such as S1/S2, S3/S4 murmurs, etc. Additionally ViScope MD supports an external amplifier for observation and discussion such as in teaching or consulting situations. ViScope MD visually augments patient examinations for more rapid and accurate patient screenings with documentation to improve triage of patients for the next level of diagnostic care.

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