For Telemedicine

HD Medical’s Visual Stethoscope family are the industry’s first stethoscopes to enable documentation of heart data which can be used for patient reporting and analysis as well as information sharing between a remote clinician/patient setting and a specialty physician located at another site. In screening applications of underserved populations, early detection of congenital heart conditions is effectively accomplished. The heart sounds can be displayed and recorded for later review by experts, and patients can selectively receive echocardiography and early intervention before irreversible pulmonary hypertension or heart failure intervenes.

The ability to record and visually document heart sounds enables collaborative real-time patient management allowing a remote practitioner to observe and discuss symptoms with a patient or another healthcare professional.

Telemedicine applications for the Visual Stethoscopes enable patients to seek specialized care at a remote facility while keeping them “at home”. HD Medical solutions allow for quick, accurate and inexpensive diagnosis of patient conditions reducing the inconvenience and stress associated with follow-on testing.

What Doctors Are Saying…

“…used as a good screening device for the detection of murmurs in the population at large even by paramedical workers and nursing staff.”

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