For Teaching

HD Medical’s Visual Stethoscopes are the industry’s first stethoscopes to enable documentation of heart data which can be used for patient reporting and analysis in information sharing settings such as teaching environments.

Standardized auscultation tests given to medical students and Fellows have found auscultation is either not taught well enough or students have difficulty learning it. Results show only 30% of medical students tested are able to detect typical heart sounds and murmurs versus the internal medicine residents getting up to 40% while Fellows reach in to the 50-60% range.

The Visual Stethoscope’s high fidelity sound and sensitivity of recordings coupled with its ability to freeze frame specific heart waveform images for analysis and discussion is widely appreciated in one on one auscultation teaching. In classroom settings heart sounds can be amplified over a speaker and heart waveforms displayed on a large screen projector for group discussions and analysis.

What Doctors Are Saying…

“…with the focus on auscultation and making the physician a better physician, the ViScope Visual Stethoscope is very valuable. Like a renaissance, the ability to watch the phonocardiogram as you listen enables a concentration on what is being heard and what the sounds mean physiologically and pathophysiologically.”

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