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HD Medical’s Visual Stethoscope family records and visually documents heart sounds for today’s evidence-based world and serves as a stethoscope modality for EMR/EHR systems. Uniquely, these stethoscopes leverage the sensitivity of the eye in addition to the ear enabling a concentration on what is being heard and what the sounds mean.

With healthcare institutions and insurance providers under increasing pressure to reduce costs, HD Medical’s solutions deliver quick, accurate and inexpensive diagnosis of patient conditions at the point of care. This highly effective screening reduces the incidents healthy patient referrals for expensive follow-on procedures to ascertain the condition of their heart. In practices where patients have the advantage of regular access to care, the visual display allows detection of subtle serial changes in cardiac function.

The integrated high resolution visual display enables healthcare professionals to see heart beats in real-time visual waveforms that are presented in the format of the classical phonocardiogram.

What Doctors Are Saying…

“The future of cardiology with healthcare reform is that there will be more restrictions to test ordering. The ViScope Visual Stethoscope promises to improve the diagnosis of aortic stenosis and the progression of it… ”

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